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20 ways to build endurance

20 ways to encrease your endurance for road cycling

  1. Gradually increase mileage
  2. Interval training
  3. High-intensity efforts
  4. Hills and mountains riding
  5. Incorporate strength training
  6. Improve nutrition and hydration
  7. Get adequate rest and recovery
  8. Cross-training activities
  9. Progressive Overload
  10. Use proper form and pacing
  11. Incorporate recovery rides
  12. Use a heart rate monitor
  13. Mental preparation
  14. Set achievable goals
  15. Participate in group rides
  16. Vary your routes
  17. Invest in proper equipment
  18. Train with purpose
  19. Track progress and adjust training accordingly
  20. Seek the guidance of a coach or experienced cyclist.

Legs are the powerhouse if cycling here are some ways to build endurance

  1. Squats: barbell, goblet, or bodyweight squats
  2. Deadlifts: conventional or Romanian deadlifts
  3. Lunges: forward, reverse, or lateral lunges
  4. Leg Press: machine-based exercise
  5. Step-ups: using a bench or box
  6. Single-leg exercises: calf raises, single-leg squats, and pistol squats
  7. Planks and bridges: for core stability
  8. Box Jumps: plyometric exercise
  9. Hill Sprints: sprint up a steep hill
  10. Biking with resistance: use a stationary bike or rollers with added resistance.
  11. Strengthening supporting muscles: glutes, hips, and lower back muscles through exercises such as bridges and hip thrusts.
  12. Incorporate plyometric exercises: such as jump squats and box jumps, to build explosive power.
  13. Focus on proper form: to engage the right muscles during exercises and avoid injury.
  14. Gradually increase weight or resistance: to avoid injury and progressively challenge the muscles.
  15. Consistency and progressive overload: regularly incorporating strength training into your routine, increasing weight or resistance as you get stronger.



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