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Surviving on the road as a cyclist.

Cyclists are killed on the road due to a variety of reasons. Some common causes include:
Lack of visibility: Cyclists are often difficult to see on the road, especially at night or in low-light conditions. This can lead to collisions with cars and trucks.
Lack of infrastructure: Many roads were not designed with cyclists in mind and lack dedicated bike lanes or other safety features.
Reckless or distracted driving: Drivers who are not paying attention or who engage in reckless behavior, such as speeding or running red lights, can pose a serious threat to cyclists.
Poor road conditions: Potholes, debris, and other hazards on the road can cause accidents for cyclists.
Lack of awareness: Many drivers are not aware of the rights and responsibilities of cyclists on the road, and may not know how to safely share the road with them.
Lack of rider’s safety gear: Many cyclist are killed because they don’t wear helmets or other protective gear which is important for their safety.
Lack of cyclist’s education: Many cyclist are killed because they don’t know how to ride safely on the road. They might not know the traffic laws and regulations.
Overall, cyclist’s safety is a complex issue that requires a multifaceted approach, including better infrastructure, education, and enforcement of traffic laws to make the road safer for everyone.



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Wear bright and reflective clothing
Use lights and reflectors on your bike
Use hand signals to indicate turns
Ride in a visible and predictable manner
Use a rear-view mirror to see what’s behind you
Use a bell or horn to alert others of your presence
Choose well-lit and busy streets when possible
Avoid riding on sidewalks
Use a helmet with reflective tape or stickers
Keep your bike in good working order and maintain brakes and lights
Avoid riding at night or in low-light conditions if possible
Avoid riding while wearing headphones or using your phone
Avoid weaving in and out of parked cars
Use a flag or other brightly colored accessory on your bike
Use a headlight and taillight during the day
Stay to the right side of the road
Use a rear red reflector and pedal reflectors
Take a cycling safety course
Try to make eye contact with drivers when crossing intersections
Carry identification and contact information in case of an accident.Cyclists are killed on the road due to a variety of reasons. Some common causes include:

1. Use a bike light when cycling at night. This will help you see and be seen by others on the road.
2. Wear bright clothes when you are cycling during the day or at night. This will help others see you and help you stay visible.
3. Carry water with you whenever you’re out cycling, whether it’s for drinking or to give to someone in need. This will help keep you hydrated and stop you from getting dehydrated if the weather is hot. 4. Always wear a helmet when you’re riding your bike. This will help protect your head if you get in an accident. 5. Carry a spare tube in case you puncture your tyre while you are out cycling. This will stop your journey being cut short if you suddenly need to change a wheel or get your tyre repaired. 6. Carry a portable phone charger with you in case your phone runs out of battery while you’re out on the road. This will help you contact someone if you need them and allow you to stay connected to loved ones if you run into trouble.
7. Plan your route in advance so you know what roads to take and how long it will take you to get there. This will help you avoid getting lost and reduce the likelihood of getting injured if you do happen to get lost or encounter unexpected delays on your journey.
8. Listen to music or a podcast on your headphones while you cycle to help you pass the time and keep your mind occupied. This will help you ride more safely, especially if you listen to music that encourages you to pedal faster!
1. Wear a white front light and a red rear light so that you are easily seen by other road users. The lights should be set so that it is safer for you to be seen rather than motorists seeing you on your bike.
2. Always carry identification when you go out cycling so that you can prove who you are if someone asks. You should also include an emergency contact number so you can notify a friend or family member if you are involved in an accident.
3. You should wear a high-visibility jacket whenever you are out cycling to help you stand out from the crowd. These jackets are very easy to spot from great distances and are a great way of making sure you are seen while you are out on the road.
4. Always use a cycle helmet when you are out cycling to protect yourself in case of an accident. This will keep you safe and reduce the severity of any injuries you might sustain if you have an accident.
Helmets are a great piece of equipment that you can use to increase your safety when riding a bike


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